Bring Kirby to Life with Color

Have you ever wished to see your Kirby drawings come to life? Now is your chance with our new Kirby coloring book – perfect for fans of all ages!

Bring Kirby to Life with Color

High-Quality Illustrations

Our coloring book features over 50 high-quality black and white illustrations of everyone’s favorite pink puffball, Kirby, and his friends. The drawings capture the cute and playful nature of the characters.

The illustrations are intricate but not overly complex for young colorists. Older fans can add finer details and shading. The heavy, premium paper allows colors to pop without bleeding through the pages.High Quality Illustrations

Join Kirby on His Adventures

The settings and scenes show Kirby exploring dreamland, battling enemies like King Dedede, or using his iconic copy abilities like Sword Kirby and Wheel Kirby.

Join Kirby on His Adventures

Dream Land Locations

Color Kirby playing in Grass Land, soaring high in Bubbly Clouds, and discovering secrets in Rainbow Resort.

Copy Abilities

Bring Kirby’s amazing powers to life by coloring Fire Kirby, Ice Kirby, Wheel Kirby and more using your vibrant colored pencils.

Iconic Friends & Enemies

Join Kirby on adventures with Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, and King Dedede. But watch out for enemies like Waddle Doo and the beastly Whispy Woods!

No matter which scene you color, you’ll be transported into Kirby’s fun and magical world.

High Replay Value

Kids and adults alike will find hours of entertainment in this Kirby coloring book. Color a few minutes a day to unwind and ease stress, or have hours of coloring fun on rainy weekends.

Complete The Collection

Start your own Kirby coloring book collection. This book is Volume One in an ongoing series, with future books taking Kirby to more landscapes in Dream Land!

Unique Creations

No two colorings will turn out the same! Compare your Kirby creations with your friends or add color to the same page years later for a unique result.

Bring Kirby To Life With Color

Join millions of Kirby fans and get ready for coloring fun featuring Nintendo’s lovable hero! Just equip your colored pencils to bring Kirby and friends to life inside the pages of this officially licensed coloring book.

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